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 Eco IH Risers

Eco IH Risers

We developed the Eco-Riser to provide a top quality flex riser at a lower cost. With the Eco-Riser you get all the durability and ruggedness that you have come to expect from the IH riser.

Our patent pending fitting design allows for a higher level of assembly automation reducing manufacturing cost while increasing quality and performance uniformity.

The Eco-Riser applies an internal hose retainer and an external hose barb to create a mechanical seal that is leak free and swivels 360° to aid in installation. As a result, the use of solvents is bypassed, making a more Eco-friendly product.

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  • Available in lengths from 6" to 144"

  • Accepts any Emitter, Bubbler or Spray Head with a ½" FIPT inlet

  • On-grade or below-grade installation

  • UV Resistant

  • Available pre-assembled with a GPST2 Emitter


Part Numbers

Eco Riser Assembly
Eco Riser - Cutaway
Eco Riser

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