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Who we are

American Pipe and Fitting, Inc. is a division of GPH Irrigation.  APF has over a 20 year history of providing solutions for the irrigation, landscape, pool/spa and pond industries. We specialize in Injection Molding as well as Extrusion of plastics and compounds. We have the ability to be flexible and attentive to you as a manufacture as well as respect confidentiality. We focus on reliability, uncompromising service, competitive pricing and top quality products. Let us help you to be successful from concept to your customers hands.


Products and Services


  • Product Assembly

  • Assembly Design

  • Circuit Board Design

  • 3D Modeling

  • 3D Printing 


Injection Molding:

  • High speed long run capabilities 

  • Mold design

  • Tool making



  • Various plastics

  • Specialize in PVC and PE

  • Up to 750 lbs/hr

  • Co extrusion

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