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Responsible Manufacturing

GPH has taken huge steps to further our position as the quality leader in drip irrigation, while also investing in technologies that ensure every product we manufacture is done so in the most environmentally responsible way possible. It is not impossible to make a great product that is also conscious of what we are all passing on to future generations; however it is expensive and requires an unyielding commitment to the professional designer, landscape architect, wholesale distributors and our contractor partners that rely on us everyday.  

  • Environment

    • State of the art manufacturing equipment that uses <30% of the of the electricity conventional equipment requires.

    • GPH's proprietary "Zero Footprint" manufacturing process, we use and then reuse 99.5% of all the raw material processed in our facility. Keeping waste out of landfills.

  • Product Material

    • GPH is a front runner within the landscape industry, working with large chemical companies in their new product environmentally friendly initiatives.

    • GPH was the first manufacturer to utilize Bio-Based plasticizers.

  • New Technology

    • Our design team is tasked with not only solving new landscape product requirements but doing so while maintaining our responsibility to the environment. 

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