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G Flex Riser

Our G Flex Risers are adjustable.  Bend them at a 45 degree angle or even a 90 and the riser will hold its shape as the system operates.  The G Flex Risers can be positioned to eliminate problems associated with water running down the length of the riser, bypassing the root zone and killing the plants. It can also be bent in an “S” pattern holding emission devices out of muddy slurry in on grade applications. Perfect your wetting pattern as you see fit by simply bending our risers to match your requirements.

  • Patent Pending design allows for the outlet side of the riser to be bent and held in place ensuring that the water emits near the root ball and does not travel down the length of the hose missing the required irrigation area.

  • 100% customizable in the field so each emitter can be held exactly where it needs to be.

  • Holds the emitter off the ground and out of the slurry in on grade applications.

  • Allows for the riser to be bent and held at any angle in above grade applications.

  • Operating Pressure 60psi @ 73 degrees F, (Flexible PVC is not recommended for no flow situations)

  • Common Riser Lengths Available: 12", 18", 24", 36", 48", custom lengths are available, please contact us for more info.


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Part Numbers

Mulch G Flex Riser
Reclaimed G Flex Riser

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