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Power Flex Whip

The GPH Power Flex-Whip is a non-metallic conduit constructed with two different PVC materials that are extruded to form a highly flexible product designed especially for electrical applications. A rigid material forms the stiff helical spring, which is completely encapsulated by a second flexible compound.

Stranded Copper THHN/THWN conductors NEMA FB-1 fittings are installed at the factory.

12" wire leads are left exposed at each end for hassle free hook-ups.


  • Complete assembly delivered from the factory ready to install. Includes 12" wire leads at
    each end for easy and hassle-free hook-ups.

  • Resistant to rust, cracks, and separation.

  • Available in 4' or 6' lengths in 1/2" or 3/4" sizes.

  • Non-metallic raceway is non-conducting.

  • Commonly used for connecting irrigation controllers, air conditioners, pumps, motors,
    compressors, swimming pool equipment and similar equipment.

  • Easy to paint to match to blend in with surroundings

Part Numbers

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