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PVC Micro Tubing

Our super flexible and ultra tough micro tubing has a long life expectancy, greater than 20 years! Its flexibility ensures it will not kink, which makes it a perfect fit for high traffic areas. You can bend it and loop it more easily than most tubing on the market. Manufactured from our durable UVR non-rigid PVC resin with a proprietary algae resistance package that is compounded into the tubing in the manufacturing process. Algae resistance is particularly important in on grade applications where increased water temperatures provide a host environment for algae growth that can clog emitters.


  • Constructed from durable, UVR, S-0214 non-rigid PVC blend materials.

  • Available in 4 different sizes: 187x125, 220x160 and 250x170.

  • Kink resistant.

  • Can be installed at or below grade.

  • PVC Tubing is compatible with schedule barb fittings of the corresponding size ex) 1/4" barb tees, elbows will all work with our micro tubing.


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