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Spec Flow Micro

The SpecFlow Micro emitters bring commercial grade ruggedness to on-line drip irrigation. The SpecFlow Micro is designed for years of trouble free performance. Ensuring this is it's integrated velocity self-flush cycle and it's industry-first chloramine stabilized silicone diaphragm. The SpecFlow Micro sets the bar for single outlet emitters.


  • Velocity Self-Cleaning Mechanism purges at every start-up ensuring reliable operation and less maintenance with out a hydraulic penalty.

  • Available with a 10-32 Threaded or ¼ Barbed Inlets and Barbed or Diffused Outlets.

  • ISO compliant Cv performance and wide pressure compensation range (5-50 psi) delivers more consistent emission uniformity over a wide range of inlet pressures and undulating terrain.

  • Color coded for easy identification.

  • Engineering grade plastic and chloramine stabilized silicone diaphragm provide reliable performance in the toughest UV and chemical conditions.

  • Ergonomic design eases installation fatigue.

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Operating Range

  • Flow Rates: 0.5GPH - 4GPH

  • Pressure Compensation: 5-50 PSI

  • Filtration: 80 Mesh

Part Numbers


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