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sTREEm™ Nozzle

The sTREEm™ Nozzle was conceived by an expert Arborist with a drive to irrigation trees in the best possible way. That passion was carried through in the engineering, development and testing of the product. The sTREEm™ has a 3ft throw with a 30deg trajectory. It is fully pressure compensating at 0.5gpm between 18 and 80 PSI. We even designed for air resistance and potential turbulence inside the nozzle to produce the most reliable and efficient irrigation device for trees in any landscape environment.


The goal to provide just enough supplemental irrigation to maximize growth on young trees and to keep older, established trees healthy while preventing rot by not spraying the trunk directly, inspired the concept for the sTREEm™. For the first several months after planting, most of a tree's roots are still within the original root ball, with some roots beginning to grow beyond this area. The root ball and the surrounding soil should be kept evenly moist to encourage healthy root growth.  Flooding this rootball by installing "deep" watering devices is inefficient and potentially harmful. 


  • Fits any Rainbirdstyle pop up

  • Standard fixed spray screen to help eliminate clogging, included

  • Easy to read, large directional arrow molded into nozzle cap for precise adjustment.

Click here for product demo. 

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