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CP Line (CP-4-36-50)

1/2” IPS Sticky Stripe flexible PVC hose pre-assembled with 4 g.p.h. emitters at 36” on center, 50’ coils.

The CP Line is a rugged Drip Line pre-assembled with the GPH (GXB4) 4 g.p.h. emitters at 36” on center.  The hose is used is our trademarked Sticky Stripe, identified by the double orange stripes opposite of each other.  The 1/2” IPS size and compatible with standard 1/2” pvc fittings.


  • Designed for applications where a uniform wetting pattern is required.

  • Hose can be cut to desired length to fit application.  

  • Do not exceed 50 psi.

  • Simple solvent weld techniques ensure a proper fit and seal.


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