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Heavy-Wall Landscape Dripline

 Heavy-Wall Landscape Dripline

We have developed our professional grade in­line drip hose with the ruggedness and ultra ­precise emitters you have come to expect from GPH – all at a great price.

The Heavy­-Wall™ Performance Advantage™ provides every plant in the system with a consistent, precise flow rate. This allows more precise scheduling for minimum plant water requirement – reducing the need for over­watering as seen with other products.


  • Thicker hose wall adds durability for subsurface and on surface installations.

  • Widest pressure compensation range in the industry, (6-­65 PSI), enables longer runs with balanced flow rates.

  • Dual self­ flushing mechanism flushes at pressurization and de­pressurization of every cycle – ensuring reliable operation with less maintenance.

  • Ultra precise pressure compensation of less than 0.04 CV. Even the most severe elevation changes will not affect flow rates.

  • LEED Project Qualified. Manufactured using our environmentally friendly Zero Foot Print process which meets the required standards.

  • Compatible with all brands of 17mm fittings.

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Heavy-Wall Landscape Dripline
Heavy Wall Emitter
Heavy Wall Dripline Diagram

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