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IH Risers

A flexible PVC riser that is pre-assembled with (2) ½" MIPT male adapters. It gives when kicked or stepped on unlike a traditional riser. It is ideal for slopes, medians and high traffic areas. Its the "unbreakable" riser.

The material cost alone are less pre-assembled than when purchased separately in parts. Pre-assembly also reduces installation costs by up to 50%!

Also comes pre-assembled with the option of a GPST ½" thread x diffuser cap emitter which makes for the most rugged drip irrigation install in the industry.


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  • Pre-assembled with two black ½" MIPT UVR male adapters.

  • Color options of Black or Brown.

  • On-grade or below-grade installation.

  • Accepts any ½" FIPT emitter.

  • Operating Pressure 60psi @ 73 degrees F, (Flexible PVC is not recommended for no flow situations)

  • Common Riser Lengths Available: 6", 8",12",18", 24", 36", 48", custom lengths are available, please contact us for more info.

Part Numbers

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