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Spec-Check Emitters

The Spec-Check utilizes spring check valve technology to create a true check valve with a 10 PSI cracking pressure.This saves water by eliminating low head drainage for up to a 15 foot elevation change. The combination of the Spec-Check along with GPH’s GPST & GPCB ensures that your system will operate at the highest level of performance and efficiency.

The GPH screen was engineered with an o-ring molded into the face and a chamfer molded into the body to seal on both sides to ensure a leak free installation with out the use of Teflon tape.

Our patent pending screen keeps debris from contaminating the emitter by increasing the size of the inlet by 250%. Its cone shape is designed to fit inside of a fitting while eliminating the restriction of flow as seen in competitive product.


  • PC - GPH’s GPST & GPCB Technology Ensures Total Pressure Compensation From 10 psi to 50 psi Without The Problems Associated With Other Brands Of Check Valve Emitters.
  • Spec-Check's 10 psi Internal Spring Check Valve Helps Prevent Drainage and Maintains Up to 15 Column Foot Of Water.
  • Anti-Siphon Operation Prevents Contamination From Back Flowing Into Line.

 Operating Range

  • Fixed Flow Rates: 0.5GPH - 10GPH

  • Pressure Compensation: 10-50 PSI

  • Filtration: 80 Mesh


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Spec-Check Emitter

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