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SureReg™ - ½” Inline 30, 40 and 50 psi Pressure Regulators





GPH SureReg™ pressure regulators maintain a constant outlet pressure even with varying inlet pressures. What makes the SureReg™ stand apart is our proprietary pressure sensing technology that eliminates full inlet line pressure from damaging downstream components which has historically been a massive issue in commercial landscape applications. It looks different because it is different.


  • Reliable Performance - eliminates pressure spikes not caught by external sensing pressure regulators Variety - offered in 30,40 and 50 psi regulator kits

  • Flexibility - can be installed anywhere on the irrigation system to reduce pressure, above grade or below grade

  • Ease of Installation - SureReg™ kit includes 3 options: pipe thread (FIPT x MIPT), solvent weld (½”socket x ½” socket) and drip line insert (insert fittings for 17mm and 16mm drip tubing)MIPT), solvent weld (½”socket x ½” socket) and drip line insert (insert fittings for 17mm and 16mm drip tubing)

Operating Range: - Flow Range: .1 to 6 gpm

Operating Pressure: 15 psi to 148 psi

Water Temperature:  33°F up to 110°F

Ambient Temperature:  33°F up to 125°F


SR30-05 - ½” 30 psi inline Pressure Regulator

SR40-05 - ½” 40 psi inline Pressure Regulator

SR50-05 - ½” 50 psi inline Pressure Regulator Specifications:



All Models:

2.9 in length x 2.25 width x 1.25 in Size


(Inlet x Outlet):

All Models:

½” FIPT x ½” MIPT

1/2" MIPT x 1/2" FIPT
Pipe Thread Installation Option 

Kit Components

rigid pipe configuration_edited.jpg

Solvent Weld Installation Option

PE Insert Installation Option

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