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X-Flex Spa and Pond Hose

The Bio-based Flexible PVC Pressure Rated Hose is not only Eco-Friendly but Super Strong.  We manufacture the X-Flex from phthalate-free flex PVC which provides for not only the toughest hose but also the most environmentally responsible.  Our unique manufacturing process of adding an integral spiral rigid spine allows for flexibility while allowing for higher burst pressures than standard Flex PVC irrigation hose.


Compatible with slip PVC schedule 40 or 80 fittings and connected by solvent welding: 

We suggest using a P70 Primer and then IPS Weld-On part # 795 or 2795 (for flexible tubing), follow proper solvent welding techniques.



  • First pressure rated flex hose for commercial irrigation applications.

  • Available in different sizes: 3/8" - 3" IPS

  • Offered in 4 color options:  Black, White, Clear/White, Clear

  • PVC Tubing is compatible with schedule 40 or 80 slip fittings of the corresponding size when solvent welded or "glued".


  • High Pressure

  • Spa Connections

  • Pond

Part Numbers

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