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Spec Flow Threaded Emitters

The new GPH SpecFlow GPST emitters are designed to perform in the harshest environments, bringing commercial grade ruggedness to drip irrigation while providing an unmatched CV ratio.

This means they are turn key and maintenance free, no more call backs due to inconsistent flows from one emitter to another.















  • High Velocity Self-Cleaning Mechanism purges at every startup ensuring reliable operation and less maintenance with out a hydraulic penalty.

  • ½" FIPT Inlet x Diffuser Cap Outlet.

  • Self sealing screen eliminates need for Teflon tape.

  • ISO compliant CV performance and pressure compensation range (10-50 psi) delivers more consistent emission uniformity over a wide range of inlet pressures and undulating terrain.

  • Individually color coded for easy identification with flow rate molded into the cap.

  • Engineering grade plastic and chloramine stabilized silicone diaphragm provide reliable performance in the toughest UV and chemical conditions.

  • Ergonomic design eases installation fatigue.


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Operating Range

  • Fixed Flow Rates: 0.5GPH - 10GPH

  • Pressure Compensation: 10-50 PSI

  • Filtration: 80 Mesh


Part Numbers

The GPH screen was engineered with an o-ring molded into the face and a chamfer molded into the body to seal on both sides to ensure a leak free installation with out the use of Teflon tape.

SpecFlow GPST Emitter
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